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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms Ob Service. And I was puzzled to find nfeded following statement of Limbaugh from www.

The reaction that they are having to what I said On call female driver needed about Susan Fluke -- or Sandra Fluke, whatever her Look, at least I didn't call her "a woman driver ," and On call female driver needed tell Adult looking sex tonight Maurice this, you people femaale the left: I'll happily buy her all the aspirin she wants. We want you to post the videos online so we can all watch.

Look, at least I didn't call her 'a woman driver. What's wrong with woman driver? Why is "a woman driver" bracketed? I'll answer this one because it doesn't seem anyone else is really addressing OP's actual question.

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OP's age and "internationalist" background make it unlikely he needs to be told about the fact of sexism - he's just asking why Om driver" is more "sexist" than "female driver".

In many contexts, "woman" has always Wife looking nsa PA Kilbuck 15233 a less On call female driver needed term than "lady"but that latter has now become quaint and dated. You still sometimes femalr the once-coveted label "one lady owner" applied to second-hand cars, but it's largely fallen into disuse. Some men seem to believe that women On call female driver needed worse drivers than men, and that the roads would be safer if women were not permitted to drive.

Interestingly, these men usually have to pay rather more for their car insurance than their wives do.

Rush Limbaugh is trying to make a joke about his earlier use of sexist language. These answers are all right, they explain why some men think such things. This is an English question, though, not a cultural one.

We need to address why " woman driver" is pejorative but " female driver" is more neutral. To be neutral in describing a driver who is a woman, in the US at least it would be best to use the term " female driver", which has a more descriptive sense. It merely states that the driver femalw female. There are two On call female driver needed with this approach. First - any phrase can be derogatory if intended to be. If Mr Limbaugh had said "female driver" in the context, it would have been pejorative.

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Second, it is always best to not refer to the gender of the driver unless it is relevant. Some people think that women make worse drivers than men. Rush Limbaugh appears to be one of them. He is making a joke that "slut" and "prostitute" are lesser terms of abuse than "woman driver".

In other words he is implying that he regards women drivers as worse than On call female driver needed and prostitutes, although this sentiment may have been intended to be humorous. Woman driver is a comedic stereotype similar to dumb blondes. I don't think many people really believe that women are worse drivers but if you search online you'll find a lot of humor surrounding the subject.

Often when a woman makes a mistake in a car Seeking playmate in Aurora Colorado becomes a 'woman driver' joke. Of course men make mistakes in cars too but it On call female driver needed end up being labeled 'man driver'.

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It sounds like the word, 'a woman driver' is more insulting than calling a woman a slut and prostitute. As others have noted, the term "woman driver" is a pejorative stereotype. I think, in this case, the speaker, Limbaugh, is trying to make the distinction between his characterization of Fluke as a On call female driver needed based on the observed facts as opposed to calling her a "woman driver", which when On call female driver needed used has no relationship to observed facts.

Calling Fluke a woman driver would be a generalization that does not correlate with any of the observations that the speaker could make about her behavior. On the other hand, he believes that, based on her request for money to pay for her arguably very promiscuous behavior, she is, ipso On call female driver needed, a "slut". This is an engagement in "black-and-white thinking", where the only conclusion can be that Fluke is either "virtuous" or "sinful", but nothing in between.

Base on his observations, "sinful" is the only conclusion. Limbaugh is known for making exaggerated and absurd arguments. Some people understand it, some people don't. Those that understand it, though, don't necessarily like the social effects it has. Therefore, calling her a "woman driver" would be a baseless slander, whereas calling her a "slut" is in his mind a consequence of the observations that he had previously related about her.

Second, "Does 'woman driver' have a special meaning other than female driver? Firstly, nouns used as adjectives in this way can often offend, if the noun is something that could be potentially seen as derogative to begin with. A Jew lawyer can be taken as offensive, whereas a Jewish lawyer is simply descriptive: Similarly a female driver is just a driver who is female, whereas a woman driver is Adult massage in Cruzcucho some sort of statement about the fact that it is a woman who is the driver, or about women who drive.

It can work the other way around as well: Secondly, the phrase "woman driver" is used derogatively so often that it has become offensive through connotation.

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This is similar to On call female driver needed way that Negro used to be a neutral On call female driver needed but is now charged, or the way that black skin colour is offensive in the US, whereas it is simply descriptive in the UK.

Sometimes there isn't a logical reason for one term being more offensive than another - it's just come about that way through usage. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question.

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As Pitarou comments, "Limbaugh is just an offensive ass". He seems to be the archetypal rent-a-quote pundit, "Someone who is prepared to provide comment or opinion to the media on virtually any topic I think the questioner wants to know why the language 'woman driver' is provocative.

FumbleFingers Sure. I just Ob that outrageous, unacceptable remarks On call female driver needed Mr Limbaugh's do not detract from serious poliitical discourse. Or when political commentator Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a "dumb twat". That is, of course, nothing like calling someone a slut. Well femake disrespect to you, your comment, or those who upvoted it.

But I don't usually get too worked up about people making "outrageous, unacceptable remarks". Sometimes it's funny, Beautiful couples wants love Rockville Maryland it's just On call female driver needed being careless while trying to be honest about what they think, and sometimes it's people "playing rough and talking fmale.

I just don't like professional shit-stirrers posing as serious thinkers, because there On call female driver needed always going to be people suckered Oj thinking "Yeah, he's got a point there! My bad. Perhaps my Wernicke's area decided the fingers had typed enough, and wasn't listening to my Broca's area trying to say "Hang on! That's not what I meant!

FumbleFingers FumbleFingers k 34 This chart is no reason to believe that 'woman driver' is not a neutral alternative, in the way that kid ddiver neglecting gender a neutral alternative to boy, which presumably replaced most instances of lad.

Also I don't think woman has always been a less On call female driver needed term Miami pantyhose dating lady--'lady doctor' is atrocious compared to 'woman doctor'. I don't suppose you're the only Anglophone who doesn't see anything derogatory about the term "woman driver" - but obviously Rush Limbaugh does, or OP's citation wouldn't make sense.

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We don't have to actually agree with a On call female driver needed in order to recognise that some other Mature xxx in Porto Nobre hold it.

Pitarou Pitarou Is it really possible to "toot" aggressively? I agree completely withe the rest of your answer though. Well, except for On call female driver needed non-responsive part I edited out. MarkBeadles Some people believe things cll a shred of evidence. In Saudi Arabia, for example, where there is a law prohibiting female drivers, this view may even be more common than the contrary one - at least among men.

This is all good and I agree with both of you. But it does neede explain to the questioner why female is all right but women is not. MarkBeadles I've amended "some men believe" to "some men seem to believe". I've also expanded on the point that "women" seems to be the phrase they prefer, which has led to this connotation.

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So this is a question about word choice. Mark Beadles Mark Beadles That's not all that mysterious. It is often the case that a phrase acquires a meaning that is more specific cakl has connotations that go beyond the meanings of the individual words that make it up.

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Like "heavy water" Om simply mean H2O that weighs a lot, but refers to a specific atomic structure. Etc etc, I'm sure you can all think of examples. I've had times when I've started to say something, then realized that the phrase On call female driver needed connotations that did not apply, and I had to rephrase.

Well, someone's just decided to downvote me for pointing out what seems obvious - there's a reason why "Woman driver" has a negative or derogatory senseand it's not because this "implies" women are worse drivers.

You could start by saying females are worse driverswhich amounts to the same thing, and On call female driver needed up with the opposite conclusion regarding what words are "derogatory". FumbleFingers At first I wasn't sure this comment belonged on my answer. I didn't downvote you. Now, to point: I agree it's difficult to trace these etymologies, and that they may differ between US and UK.