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Wants Couples Attractive blonde looking for a gentlemen

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Attractive blonde looking for a gentlemen

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Bands of men went in search of herds of prehistoric bison or mammoth. Another possible reason for Nordic gentlemen preferring blondes is. ANITA LOOS (the author of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) was asked in an interview in, I think, the And there was me thinking it was because blond hair makes the woman look younger (as do other attractive traits like big eyes, etc), which. Originally Answered: Why do gentlemen prefer blondes? their hair didn't look as if she hadn't washed in two to three weeks and she didn't have a offending body Personally, I like any girl of any hair color I find attractive.

Blonde-haired women have many stereotypes to deal with. The first two are just that, stereotypes. But the third, that gentlemen prefer blondes, may actually have some grounding in truth. For gentleemen, scientists have argued over why, in numerous studies, men seem to prefer blonde-haired women. In it was even reported that blonde women get paid more than their Attractive blonde looking for a gentlemen Attfactive, implying perceived abilities based upon hair color.

But how do you scientifically test for a preference?

Asking questions in a laboratory setting might not be the best approach, and responses to a survey may not reflect real word behaviors. Attraxtive, to ask whether or not men prefer blondes in a social setting, Viren Swami of the University of Westminster in London, UK designed two complementary studies.

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In the first, he enlisted the help of a woman who would look natural with blonde, brunette or red hair. Over the period of six weeks, her hair color was changed from a natural brunette, to blonde, and finally red.

Attractive blonde looking for a gentlemen

With these different hair colors, she went to various clubs in London where her interactions with Attractive blonde looking for a gentlemen men were tracked. In the second study, pictures of the same girl with her different hair colors were shown to over a hundred different men in the same clubs as the first study.

They were asked to Hot Girl Hookup Runnemede the pictures not only for physical attractiveness, but also for perceived intelligence, approachability, neediness, and sexual promiscuity.

The first study showed a marked preference for blonde hair, with 60 recorded interactions, compared to 18 when the woman had red hair.

With brunette hair, she was lolking 42 times. However, in the second study, men rated her most attractive as a brunette. In fact, the only assessed factor in which the blonde-haired version scored significantly higher was in neediness.

I Look Real Dating Attractive blonde looking for a gentlemen

Study one, therefore, showed a preference for blonde-hair, whereas study two did not. The data also suggested that either men are not necessarily looking for a physically attractive mate, but instead use hair color as a proxy for other characteristics.

This study is clearly preliminary, however it does suggest two interesting things: One, when assessing social interactions, testing a hypothesis in the real world as opposed to in the lab may yield novel information. And two, choose your hair Clitherall MN bi horny wives Attractive blonde looking for a gentlemen, because it may have inexplicable and in some cases, ethically dubious impacts on your life.

Katie recently received her Ph.

She has been blogging Attractive blonde looking for a gentlemen two years, both on her own website, KatiePhD. I have read research papers regarding blonde headed women and there is a Good sex drive Coaldale Pennsylvania for these women based on a subconscious knowledge, by men, which is linked to the fact that blondes are actually more fertile than their counterparts.

Some women look better blonde, others look better brunette or red haired. Brain Pages All Things Brain. Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?

By Katie Pratt, Ph. Sorokowski, P. Studia Psychologiczne, 44, 77— Frost, P.

Attractive blonde looking for a gentlemen

Jaher, F. Johnston, D. Swami, V. Katie Pratt, Ph.

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It's official; gentlemen really DO prefer blondes when it comes to dating, so we' re going to be conditioned to finding them more attractive.". Introductions is searching for a gentleman who is at the top of his profession, ATTRACTIVE, BLONDE, (44) seeking non-smoking gentleman () who. She is a wonderful cook, she would love to meet a gentleman living in the beach ATTRACTIVE, BLONDE, (44) seeking non-smoking gentleman () who.

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