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How many times have we told you that visiting museums with children is not easy, but just a little imagination and a bit of ingenuity to make your visit a fun game.

And let's face! This game we just managed well to the Escher museum in Den Haag.

Parked the car in one of the parking charges in the city center, Den Haag welcomes us with a gentle morning breeze that just like us.

A short walk and we are faced with a beautiful museum, the museum Escher!

With children you can not pass the bar of the museum free, hot chocolate and some snacks for refreshment and now it's off to visit this amazing place.

A nice lady gives us a few sheets and pencils that will become the protagonists of this morning culture.

Remain amazed by this beautiful exhibition of drawings, the children are unexpectedly interesting. The do try to reproduce those figures, but who would have thought to attract the attention of all the people at the museum?

They sit on a bench before then in another, and so spend more than two hours trying to reproduce those masterpieces. The guardians, but also visitors do nothing but photograph them and admire them. It 's the first time I see children who do not get bored in a similar context but have fun.

Escher is a magician, his illustrations, and the play of colors and patterns that risproduce fail to capture any person, that' although we also give a pat on the back we figured out the secret to convey the passion for culture.

This museum has allowed us to reach out and touch what 'they saw hope that it will be for the next museum experience.

An Here simage of this museum and of our experience.

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