At the Efteling Park

A very magical experience

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The fame of this park makes it one of the top theme parks in Europe. It is probably the most beautiful and exciting park we’ve ever seen, not for its dimensions, neither for any sensational attractions, but for the unique atmosphere. We’ve visited this park on a Sunday in December, and this is our account.

It’s almost in the depths of winter in Holland, the weather isn’t too bad, it’s quite sunny, some clouds. It’s cold, but not that cold! The carpark is full of cars, the doors open, and thousands of kids come out; teenagers, parents but also grandparents. Entire families come to the park. No one is worried about the weather, and if any drop falls from the sky, it’s Sunday, get ready for an intense and fun day at the park.

efteling park the speaking tree

We do what is usually done before entering a theme park: follow the crowd towards the entrance. The roofs look like a wizard’s hat, maybe elf’s wizard; however we are no experts in the topic. In any case it is beautiful, a large wooden building with a thatched roof. Two fairy-tale characters welcome the visitors, even though we don’t exactly know who they. The kids are so excited.

Our visit starts in the Fairytale Forest, Rapunzel a track within a real forest where to rediscover fairytales, from Rapuntzel to Cinderella, from Hansel and Gretel to Snowhite, to other fairytales that we don’t know about but which we still appreciate. The representations are rich of animated characters, a spectacular talking tree, special effects and enthusiastic kids. The little one didn’t want to get off the treehouse of and the boy didn’t want to leave the dragon guarding the treasure.

Time for a coffee break and a ride on the merry-go-round in the square of the sector Marerijk, to quicky make our way towards the arena to watch the show Raveleijn: Joris and the Dragon about 25 minutes of a fantastic show. Be careful for the stairs leading to the tiers, very ripid like everywhere else in Holland. We find ourselves sitting down in front of a grand curtain that doesn’t permit to see what will happen. A few minutes of waiting, and the curtains are drawn to reveal the scenery of magic city, probably in medieval times. Horses, knights and great fights. Why is the bad guy always dressed in black? And then burning duels, a mechanical dragon firing out from five heads. Spectacular seeing the good guys win, at least here. really worth it!

the theatre show at efteling park

We get out of the theatre and are immediately caught by a speciality selled on stalls, a whole rolled-up French fry, a delicacy. In the meantime, while enjoying this novelty, there is a group of vocalists singing Christmas songs around a bonfire. The people around it enjoy the music and warm up in front of the stack of buring wood. Lovely experience that we haven’t found in other places.

We try the excitment of Villa Volta, a huge rotating double cylinder where we lose the sense of balance of orientation. Not advisable if you are seasick. We now proceed to another part of the park. We divide ourselves in half, mum with the little princess to the Carnaval Festival, a train that goes into the magical world of toys. Dad and the boy go on the roller coaster in darkness, how scary!

the morgana at efteling

The park is quite vaste and we go from one sector to the other. Winter Efteling reserves the ice-skating arena for the lovers, ski trails for the more sportive ones, and for the more courageous ones (climatically speaking) the ride on the boats on the lake.

Fata Morgana is the last attraction that we try. An Arabic representation with animated characters, lights, sounds, and special effects, sliding onto water onboard of an embarkation. Really impressive, and the fact that we’re sitting down in a warm place is taken on well. It’s almost dark, we proceed to the lake where the show of Aquanura is about to start, full of jets of water following the rhythm of music, coloured lights and also unexpected flames. It leaves us awestruck for about 20 minutes, the best in its sort that we have ever seen.

the aquanura show at efteling park with kids

It is now late and we go towards the exit, tired but happy. Efteling has a particular magic that distinguishes it from a simple theme park. It may be the visitors, but it’s probably the most suitable park for families. There are no tv cartoons or melodies, but there is the magic of a place that is out of the ordinary, where to spend a special day with your kids.

the entrance of the efteling park in netherlands

Entrance fee for four persons, bought online on the previous day, € 128, saving € 2.50 per person. Inside the park, things such as cappuccinos, sandwiches and drinks have normal prices. If you want to eat at the restaurant you will spend a bit more (main course is about 15/18 Euro). Parking on Sundays is free.

The park is found in Holland, precisely in Kaatsheuvel, close to Tillburg and Eindhoven, destination of many Ryanair routes. We stayed at a good b&b in a family bedroom, 15 minutes from the Efteling park 

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